The Acura TLX made its debut on the market for the 2015 model-year. Its birth was unusual in that it was the product of the merger of the outgoing TL and TSX models. Now, after six years on the market, the time has come for it to get a makeover, and we’ve learned that the changes won’t just be cosmetic.

Indeed, according to information circulating online, the next generation of the TLX will benefit from a turbocharged V6 engine developed specifically for the Acura brand. This unit will be used in a performance-oriented variant within the TLX family.

Honda’s luxury division gave us a glimpse of this new-generation TLX when they presented the Type S concept at The Quail event in 2019. Although the technical details were kept secret at the time, Car and Driver magazine learned from a reliable source that the next-gen TLX will receive a new V6 with a displacement of probably 3 litres. The latter will offer more than 300 hp thanks to the presence of at least one turbocharger.

This 3.0L unit will replace the valiant 3.5L, 290-hp V6 that’s under the hood of the current TLX and is currently sprinkled liberally about the Honda/Acura lineups. Its existence is not threatened by the new engine, however; rather it will be reserved for the Acura brand. As for the transmissions, we’re still waiting for news on what they will be.

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Acura TLX 2020, front

In addition to this new turbo engine, Car and Driver reports that the TLX will also be made available with a 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder. This powerplant, which will serve entry-level models, is similar to the 4-cylinder in use with the Honda Accord. It will power the front wheels with the help of a 10-speed automatic transmission. All-wheel drive will be available for an additional fee.

Regardless of the engine under the hood, the TLX will be mounted on a new platform and should offer better handling than its predecessor, thanks in part to a completely redesigned front suspension.

Initial spy photos showing heavily camouflaged models being tested suggest that the next TLX will look a lot like the Type S concept. Acura’s signature will become more assertive and permeate the rest of the lineup in the years to come. On board, owners will find a multimedia system controlled by a touchpad, just like the RDX’s.

Which will count less like good news to some, no doubt…

Of course, Acura hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but Car and Driver magazine isn’t in the habit of putting forward this kind of information without a solid foundation. Moreover, Acura has previously confirmed that it will launch two new vehicles in the next 12 months and unveil a brand-exclusive turbocharged V6, which adds credibility to the new information being circulated.

2020 Acura TLX, logo

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