The electric Hummer gets a new logo

GM submitted three trademark applications to government offices here and in Canada, as discovered by GM Authority. Two applications went to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the Canadian Intellectual Property Office on February 4 this year, seeking to reserve the new Hummer logo, at the top in the image above. Note, the two logos aren’t to scale; they’re about the same size all things being equal, but we shrunk the old mark. GM sent a second application to the USPTO on February 7 requesting the brand name “Hummer” for application to “motor land vehicles, namely, automobiles, trucks and sport utility vehicles; bicycles.” True, we’ve seen the new Hummer script stretched across the front of the coming electric pickup in a teaser clip, but the paperwork continues the process of getting the entire continent ready for the alternate universe resurrection of one of America’s most notorious brands.    

In 2010, gas prices were in orbit, GM committed to closing the Hummer brand, vandals were setting fire to the scattered Hummers left on dealer lots, the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 made 638 horsepower, the eco-minded revered the Toyota Prius and the Tesla Model S was still two years away. In that year, it would have been hard to say something more bonkers than, “Hummer’s coming back in ten years as an electric pickup, its top trim making 1,000 horsepower and 11,500 pound-feet of torque.” But here we are.

The new logo’s squareness connects it to the resolute bluntness of the old mark, yet the thinner font and chopped corners both modernize the old logo and lessen its truculence. The brand appears headed the same way, with lurid specs and square-jawed looks just like old times, but having in LeBron James a more modern take on the hardcore male vibe than it once got from (unpaid) association with guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger. To be fair, old Hummer commercials always featured women in the driver’s seat, or men and young boys dreaming of big adventures, or Regis Philbin chatting up models, but the marketing department couldn’t — or didn’t want to — outrun the lineup’s reputation on the street. We’ll see how the electric version and its “incredible on- and off-road capability” fare.

According to the teaser site, the new Hummer’s debut is still on track for May 20. If the brand manages to recreate the old H3T pickup but with an electric powertrain, it’s got one buyer right here lined up already.

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