• Cadillac teased the front end of the new Escalade, revealing a chrome finish on the grille and horizontally oriented headlights.
  • Spike Lee will be introducing the 2021 Escalade in a short film he directed, “Anthem,” on February 4 in Hollywood.
  • The grille teased in the photo is different from the one spotted in spy photos.

    Information on the 2021 Cadillac Escalade has been trickling its way to us through the manufacturer itself and through spy photos—and now, with the news that Spike Lee is taking the helm and rolling out a short film to introduce the Escalade, Cadillac has teased the front end of its luxury SUV.

    The grille visible in the photo reveals its chrome finish and a large Cadillac badge that rests in the middle. It shows that this model retains the signature Escalade—and Cadillac—look with large silver lines which run across the front of the SUV between the headlights. The new Escalade also sports long, slender daytime running lights which run vertical near the side of the front end, much like those in the CT6. In what’s revealed in the photo, one of the biggest changes compared to the outgoing model year appears to be the horizontally oriented headlights; the ones on the current model are more vertical.



    The grille of the Escalade in this picture lies in contrast to that of the one that was revealed in spy photos late last year, suggesting they’re different trim levels. The 2021 Escalade, which will feature a 38-inch curved OLED screen, will be unveiled on February 4 by Spike Lee along with a short film that he directed, Anthem. No word yet on how the public will be able to see this movie, or when.

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